Jobs in Latin America

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Dec 18, 13 11:15 pm

Hi all

I am a fully qualified experienced architect (6 years in London) with an additional master
in energy and sustainable building design. I am now looking for new
opportunities in Latin America. My favourite countries are Panama,
Columbia or Brazil. Can anybody give me some advice where I can find the
better opportunities with regards to salary and work in sustainability?

Any suggestions are more than welcome


wurdan freo
Dec 19, 13 2:05 pm

Gonna be tough. Keep in mind entry level draftsmen in those areas make $500/month. Even if you double or triple that salary for your 6 years of experience, its not much. If you have no debts or dependents, maybe not such a big deal. I've had some success with linked in.  Heard that the best way to repatriate is to find a company in your area that also does business in those areas and may have job vacancies there. Do you speak the language? Panama and Colombia (not the sporting goods company) are Spanish and Brasil is Portuguese. Better yet, if you can speak Chinese and Spanish/Portuguese, you will be in high demand. Might need to consider a career shift to make the move. Oil n Gas would be one way to go. 

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