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Dec 10 '13 0
Dec 10, 13 11:49 am

I am recently graduated from a architecture school and planning for higher studies. After completing my  B.Arch this is the beginning of the second year as a architectural intern.

my focus is develop a individual architectural practice and make more carrier opportunities. and not interested in go for academia.

my questions are >

1. is further education( in the field of architecture) as an architect would help to develop or make carrier opportunities and practice.

2. and does it worth ( the time and money which contribute to education when comparing      the ultimate result )

3. if it does what are the areas that i must focus to

4. entering for further education outside of architecture (building design ) is worth other than doing a m.arch or some design related one

5. if it does what is the area that has  more gravity.

      - technology ( survives / structures)

      - management ( construction / project)

      - development ( real estate / property)


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