** Sending prospective employers PDF sample of drafting work **

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Dec 10, 13 1:35 am

Is it okay to send prospective employers PDF samples of your work from previous employees of projects that you have worked on -- examples:  Plans and Elevations if you did the work?




Dec 10, 13 8:54 am


depends what you are applying for!

If they are looking for a person that does rendering, you include rendering you have done. If they are looking for somebody that will be doing models, include models built. In most of offices you will be drafting, like it or not, most offices are production offices, so I would include it.

I know everybody wants to design, sketch etc. but reality is most architects draw!

Dec 10, 13 9:31 am

You should have permission from the previous employer and make sure that it won't be a breach of any confidentiality agreements.  A lot of private clients can be very sensitive and some get litigious, though if you and the potential employers are discreet it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

wurdan freo
Dec 10, 13 10:34 am

You should remove any identifying information on the drawings. Names, addresses, logos, etc. Try to remove digital identifiers as well. 

Dec 10, 13 12:21 pm

Thanks for the replies.

If its renderings -- I have no problem sending those graphics as a sample sheet or rendering. 

But for some reason when it came to sending actual Construction Drawings, I thought there might be an issue.

I never signed any confidentiality agreements.


Pop876 - weird, I can't copy/paste text to quote you....

It's funny you say that regarding architects draw -- drawing is a (seemingly) dying art where I went to school.  I went back for my Masters after years of working in offices and most of the kids could barely draw.  They do everything on their laptops closed off with their earbuds/headphones.


3tk -  That does make sense regarding private clients, but all the work that I'd be presenting are schools and other public works -- none of the work I'd be presenting is private or military projects.


wurdan freo - I'll be sure to remove all the digital markers



Thanks again you all!




(seriously -- is the nto being able to copy/paste a feature of archinect or is my computer wigging out?)

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