Imperial help!!!

Dec 5 '13 2 Last Comment
Dec 5, 13 3:12 am

I am currently in the process of preparing a competition hosted by a US architecture firm. I am not familiar with Imperial units at all and have been caught up on the prescribed boards sizes as per the competition brief. The brief requires submissions on boards sized 24' h x 48' w.  As far as I understand the single tick denotes feet. Those dimensions converted from feet to mm result in an outrageously over sized panel. it would be a great help if anyone could provide me with further insight.


Sarah Hamilton
Dec 5, 13 8:13 am

Surely they said 24" x 48". The " denoting inches.

Dec 5, 13 9:57 am

ha, yeah, definitely inches not feet.  But you should submit a 7 meter x 11 metre board just ot fuck with them.

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