Which name do you like better?

Nov 22 '13 12 Last Comment
Nov 22, 13 10:29 pm

HUSOA (Harvard University School of Architecture) or HUSOD (Harvard University School of Design)?  Feel free to explain.  And why haven't they gotten a clue thus far?

Happy Friday!


Non Sequitur
Nov 23, 13 11:17 am

Anyone can be a designer, just pick up a few design mags at the corner store. Therefore if the school teaches architecture, it better have it in its name.

Nov 23, 13 12:21 pm

Thanks, NS.

The thread idea, and joke, was more about my long-standing disdain for its referring to itself as GSD, without needing add Harvard, as if it was the ONLY architecture/design school in the land, while HBS and Harvard Law use the Harvard name to label the #1 b-school and law school in the U.S., respectively.

Pretentious people sit on a toilet and take a shit just like everyone else.  I don't think they know that, though.

Nov 23, 13 1:00 pm

"The Graduate School of Design" is the most pompous name for an arch. imaginable. HUSOA sounds better. 

Non Sequitur
Nov 23, 13 1:15 pm

Observant, agreed, I've always found GSD an odd name for the same reason... there are what, 2 if not 3 more schools in the country? Perhaps they should name it the Kanye-West GSD.

Nov 23, 13 1:40 pm

the only 2 or 3 other arch programs that matter are also in the greater Boston area... Harvard's the only one that doesn't have an undergrad program.  makes sense to me.

Nov 23, 13 2:31 pm

Wait, there are other schools?

Nov 23, 13 3:28 pm

I kinda like the GSD,short and sweet. It's not the name its the people that choose to make it pretentious or not. And I dont think pretentious people sit down and take a shirt these days , I think they only "cleanse" haha

Nov 23, 13 9:43 pm

btw Harvard does has an undergraduate concentration in architecture

Nov 24, 13 9:40 am

The term "school" seems inappropriate when used with "university". The word school conjures up images of grade schoolers finger painting. If the idea is to demonstrate a subsidiary within the university the word "college" would seem more appropriate, as in the Harvard University College of Architecture and Design (HUCAD) or College of Architecture and Design at Harvard University (CADHU). it is going to be referred to by it's acronym anyway so the acronym needs to roll off the tongue easily.

Nov 24, 13 10:22 am

No that's not true because in the northeast the word "college" denotes "undergraduate" and school denotes "graduate." This is why some universities have both a College of Arts & Sciences and a School of Arts & Sciences, the former being a division within the latter.

Nov 24, 13 10:27 am

I can roll with HUCAD.  However, since it sounds vocational (CAD), I think its forefathers would be rolling in their graves.  But I like it.

Nov 24, 13 11:14 am

HUCAD does have a nice ring to it

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