PC laptop in $600-$900 range-for Rhino, CAD, Photoshop and a tad of VRay

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Nov 18, 13 4:54 pm

Hi everyone,

I know that there are lots of posts out there re: laptops but I couldn't find one dealing with my price range. I just left a landscape architecture masters program and my laptop is dying. I don't run as intensive programs or have to work as fast as I used to, but I'd like to buy a computer that can run all the basics (Rhino, CAD, Photoshop, a little VRAY.) Basically one that can switch back and forth between a few programs when I'm working on something without freezing or taking forever.

Is it possible to get that kind of performance (not tough warrior amazing all the time) but pretty good for a cheap-medium price? I'm used to having to spend $1500 to get a laptop that can do the job, but I'd love to find something at least under $1000 or better yet around $800 to fit my new out of school but not wealthy status. Anyone have specific recommendations?



Nov 18, 13 4:58 pm

At the end of the day as long as you have atleast 4gb of ram; throw every penny your willing to part with towards the processor.

Hardly any of these programs deal too heavily with the video card but dramatically depend on raw processing power.

Brand//styling - Apple Lenovo Dell HP doesn't matter -- look at which processor you are buying not the enclosure if you are penny pinching.

Nov 18, 13 5:18 pm

Sager is a brand that I haven't been disappointed in.

Do not buy a Dell or HP, they crap out quick .

Nov 18, 13 5:33 pm

I think 4gb of ram is a bit low to today's laptop standard. 8gb is what I would recommend assuming you will run multiple listed programs simultaneously.

You'll need an Intel i7 CPU to be able to run your laptop smoothly and have a decent speed for VRAY rendering and Photoshop editing. You'll also need a graphic card for Rhino 3d modeling and CAD. I will recommend getting a gaming  graphic card based on your budget range.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p would be a good choice for you in my opinion. 

Dec 1, 13 4:39 pm

Thanks everyone, happy holidays.

Dec 2, 13 2:21 am

I agree with Alnk

You would be very wise to get at 8gb ram, you will want a decent cpu (most i7s work), and some kind of graphics card.

If you limit your open programs to what is necessary and make sure your files are clean,   you should be just fine.

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