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Dennis Lewis jrDennis Lewis jr
Nov 15, 13 11:51 am

Hello everyone,

Been  on here for awhile, finally got around to making a profile. So i figured i make a thread of introducing myself.

My name is Dennis im 22 yrs old just recently graduated from Anne Arundel Community College(Arnold, Maryland) with an Associates of Applied Science in Architecture. Ill be transferring into either Catholic university(Washington D.C) or Morgan State University(Baltimore,MD) I am to finish with a M.Arch. I currently work for a firm in Baltimore that specializes in drawing duct-work and plumbing for commercial buildings.

Im looking to meet new people and gain as much information and knowledge as possible.



Non Sequitur
Nov 15, 13 1:17 pm


Nov 15, 13 1:18 pm

Welcome, Dennis.

Nov 15, 13 1:49 pm

Welcome! .. to the THUNDERDOME!

Dennis Lewis jrDennis Lewis jr
Nov 15, 13 3:42 pm

haha Thanks everyone!!

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