cheap custom glass in LA?

Nov 14 '13 3 Last Comment
Amelia Taylor-HochbergAmelia Taylor-Hochberg
Nov 14, 13 8:05 pm

I'm looking for a place to get custom-cut glass for a coffee table top, somewhere in the Los Angeles area. Anyone know of a relatively cheap place to get such a thing?


Nov 15, 13 8:39 pm


Not sure what you mean by "cheap."

Noah Walker
Nov 15, 13 9:17 pm

Right. If its a table top it should be tempered.  You can't cut glass once its tempered so it will need to be sent out.  Any mirror and shower door place ought to be able to supply you glass to spec.  I use Valley National Glass in Sherman Oaks but there are Dozens.  Rubens glass on La Brea might be good for a small job they have been cheap for me in the past.

Amelia Taylor-HochbergAmelia Taylor-Hochberg
Dec 5, 13 6:00 pm

Thanks to the both of you -- I'll look into these options and report back.

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