Construction Management Masters Degree?

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Nov 10, 13 7:28 am

Once i finish this grueling process of licensure, i was thinking of pursuing a masters in construction management? Can anyone advise me if this is a good pursuit?


Nov 10, 13 12:01 pm


The fact that people wake up to an awareness of these programs, or certificates, is why I recommend a CM undergrad, with electives in art, design, and a business minor, and then the M.Arch. 1 (3 years).  That wont' get you into an Ivy, because they'll sneer at that for being too vocational, but it should work for the publics.

As for your wanting to do this, it would depend on whether you want to make the switch to a developer, GC, or design-build.  I could only see design-build as being the only venue were BOTH backgrounds would be respected.  You could definitely do this and remain an architect.  It would make for a more well-rounded, technical architect who can have better dialogue with a GC and could lead a project for a firm more effectively.

In an urban setting, it could be done at night, such as Georgia Tech, among other schools.  Ducking out of the workforce to do it at a residential, full time campus such as UF would require you sharpen your pencil and evaluate the situation.  Expect CM education to be very practical, vocational, and devoid of egos, for the most part.

When I was a 17 year old, I didn't know CM existed as a curriculum, or that's what I would have done.  Doing it at the graduate level would be fine, whether you plan to leave architecture or plan to stay.  The other question is the dollars and cents.

Nov 11, 13 10:35 am



I was thinking of doing this because:

a) The co. i work at now; doesn't offer the service but we could in the future. and that will not only create an opportunity to get the company name out more but mine as well

b). the college i grad from offers a complete online CM grad degree & its only 32credits. i was thinking i could get that done in a year or 2 if i go year round.

c) when the economy is bad, i will prob. have more advantage

d). i plan to have my own D/B firm oneday

e). pad the resume :)

Nov 11, 13 2:38 pm

Understood.  And fully on-line from a conventional university, too.  It sounds good.

My only recommendation is, if presented, with a fork in the road at the end, pick:  (a) more electives in lieu of thesis/project, (b) project, and (c) thesis, in that order.  Good luck. 

Nov 11, 13 4:01 pm

thanks, Observant

i was also thinking, many architects are going the direction of Leed, and this would be "something fresh" so to speak.

but thank you so much for your jedi insight & wisDOM

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