Info Las vegas.

Oct 23 '13 3 Last Comment
Angelo CaraneseAngelo Caranese
Oct 23, 13 11:16 pm

hello ,I am 27 years old, i am an Italian architect with American citizenship, I recently moved to las vegas, I'm looking for a job, I finished my studies last year, I have a master's degree in architectural design and interior design, if someone is able to help me I am grateful. Thank you.


Oct 24, 13 1:12 pm
Oct 25, 13 8:30 pm

do you have any DJ'ing skillz?

cause you can just spin electronic music and just design your own set since youre in vegas.

Hiram RomanHiram Roman
Oct 29, 13 2:14 pm

^ that sounds like it's right up my alley... maybe I should move to Vegas and enjoy all the beautiful brown buildings while designing my own sets... 

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