Why are we all so bitter?

Sep 27 '13 52 Last Comment
Sep 30, 13 11:30 pm

^Miles:  In my experience whether in engineering, architecture, planning or landscape architecture, junior employees have supervisors who take on liability for employee's work - if said employees work was bought into, I am assuming that the partners/associates/project managers and anyone else on the team must have thought it worth pursuing.  The faculty's comments were about young alumni who had promising starts to careers but hadn't yet had a project they threw heart and soul into that then got completely brutally rejected.  Granted this was prior to the "financial crisis".  I never quite understood it, seeing as the faculty often seem to take needlessly pointless personal jabs at students during crits and you'd think any graduates would have developed a thicker skin.

Oct 2, 13 12:15 am

because it is part of a human nature!

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