How difficult is it to get into these programs?

Sep 14 '13 5 Last Comment
Sep 14, 13 3:44 pm




Texas A&M 

Can some one rank these programs from hardest to easiest. All seem like reputable schools so I know they won't be easy. 

I want to study for an MLA but I know that UCLA doesn't have one. I would simply pursue the M.Arch there. 



Sep 14, 13 11:20 pm

depends on your portfolio.. piece of cake for many to get in while impossible for some

Sep 14, 13 11:39 pm

Can some one rank these programs from hardest to easiest.

For getting ADMITTED to an academic graduate program, just about how you've got them listed, with USC and UT-Austin about tied.

Sep 16, 13 1:25 am

The program I am going into will help me produce a really nice professional looking portfolio, so I won't be turning a portfolio of landscape photos I took or something really amateur. I really want to attend UCLA but it seems like you guys think that it's the hardest to get into? Really? I've never seen it ranked at all. 

Sep 16, 13 2:08 am

Two words:  Los Angeles

Two words:  Public Ivy (it's on that list)

Two words:  public university

That sounds like an enticing combination for many people.

Sep 16, 13 2:21 am

Ah so you're saying it's mostly about the large pool of applicants? 

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