Help Identifying Home Style

Sep 13 '13 2 Last Comment
Sep 13, 13 11:24 pm

Home was built in 1831.  Please let me know thoughts. Thanks. 


boy in a well
Sep 14, 13 5:08 am

pale northern gothic dormitorio with Italianate doorarium.

Sep 15, 13 11:59 pm

I would say it likely started out life as a federal or Adam style inspired home, which was renovated near the end of the 19th century into something along the lines of colonial revival. A home that old has likely been changed a lot in the last 170 odd years, so narrowing it down would be hard without more pics and/or actually being on site.  It would be easiest to say that at present it represents an eclectic vernacular style; drawing from the history of the area and a handful of styles. 

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