having problem whith design and concept

Sep 13 '13 13 Last Comment
Sep 13, 13 11:07 am

i m a 2nd year student , our first project is to design a bus stop near our campus , our teacher told us to come up with a one word concept which can be seen in your in really necessary that just one word can describe your design ? i m having problems coming up with one word concept ! i have lots of designs in my mind but this concept thing is kind of a problem to me!


Sep 13, 13 7:44 pm

lol I'll be frank.. drop out of architecture before you waste more time.

el jeffe
Sep 13, 13 8:30 pm

you're in 2nd year. it isn't so much about finding the perfect concept, the idea is to see how well you can explore and produce according to the idea you select. you're focusing on the wrong thing, hence accesskb's comment.

Sep 13, 13 8:45 pm

you're trying to hard. why are you trying to find the one word, before you actually design the damn thing?

Sep 13, 13 9:09 pm

Ah yes, 2nd year, the year of tropes.  Think this way: Bus Stop as:(insert trope here) or Bus Stop is a: (insert synechdoche here). THEN, take your trope and find a corollary in the tectonic world.  Tropes are easy, and fun to share with friends!

Sep 14, 13 12:52 am

i would go with "circle"

actually, i wouldn't because those are difficult.  i would go with "line" and then hit f8 in autocad, because circles are unnecessarily complicated.

boy in a well
Sep 14, 13 5:04 am

then reject your professor's terms with erudition! say there are concepts which are predominately social and concepts which are predominantly formal and concepts which are primarily historical ,etc etc etc. Of course if you don't know that, then it might be best to just listen. No clue what ye olde prof is specifically getting at. Assuming its just getting you to draw some tight boundaries and focus, at the minimum - which is good. But if its putting something coherent together, then be contrary but put something coherent together! sometimes its worthwhile to raise a stink, sometimes its good to just listen. what's teach's angle? do you know yet? they might be trying to pass something worthwhile on to you. or they might be a douchebag. hard for us to tell. just throw some composite columns on it and say you're saving DC from frank gehry.

vado retro
Sep 14, 13 8:27 am

your concept should be Godot. this is a no brainer.

boy in a well
Sep 14, 13 8:52 am

I am drunk and I concur!

uh, I mean, uh, I agree with much enthusiasmz cuz buses.....waiting......second year is so hard. hi kitty kat....hey.... wait....

Sep 14, 13 9:18 am

Speed? Locus? Forest? Nightmare? It's not hard, it's just one word. Gives you a starting place for the design.

boy in a well
Sep 14, 13 9:26 am

yes, but do you really think those are: a) concepts or b)concepts for an architectural project? or c)good concepts for stimulating architectural thinking?

chatter of clouds
Sep 15, 13 1:01 am

Take a look at your favourite out of the designs you came up with and ask yourself...why do you like it...why do you think you came up with it...what it reminds you of. If you can answer any of these questions, you're almost there. Then, look at your answer and try to find an one-word abstract thematic category that you can 'file' the answer under. 

Sep 15, 13 1:41 am

In second year, my one word concept was "inebriation." I really explored. My prof was unconvinced.

timothy sadler®
Sep 15, 13 1:46 am

Bus stop? I would try "piss". 


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