UCLA Interior or Landcape?

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Sep 4, 13 6:45 pm

Hi guys, I've narrowed my choices down to two program for two very particular reasons. I know they're different fields but each has their own purpose.

The two programs are housed at UCLA's Extension program and both are stellar in their field I hear.

1.) Landscape: This field I have more an interest and a passion for. I want to do urban planning and urban design, and from what I was told by several LAs is that if I want to go into planning with the best creds go into LA not planning.

2.) Interiors - This field is more out of a sense of security as my family owns and operates an interior construction companies with many connections in the field. I could graduate and go on to work for my FIL or any of his partners or competitors as a project manager, costs, or designing office space for them. I am interested it the subject but not as much as I am about Landscape, planning and urban design.

Pros and Cons: the LA program at UCLA offers a pretty good financial aid package to where I could almost go to school for practically free. The interiors program I would have to pay for the foundation level cert out of pocket until I get to the masters degree, and then I get financial aid.

What do you guys think? Which field is less hit? Which field would be better off in three possibly four years down the road?



Sep 5, 13 12:54 am


I was wondering what employers would think of the first program which doesn't grant a masters but a graduate certificate in LA. 

Is it worth the investment? 

Sep 5, 13 11:29 am

C'mon, I am sure someone has heard of these two programs?

Sep 6, 13 8:17 am

LA pays better and you'll have a much easier time landing/keeping a job. Plus, it's almost free???

That's an easy decision.

Sep 6, 13 5:29 pm

Thank you! Finally a response.

If's practically free.They have a reimbursement program where you pay for the classes upfront but return the money after classes resume sometime mid-semester. It's supposed to be a top notch program in the area with graduate assistance in job placement and internships.

The only thing that I am reserved about is that they only offer a Professional Certificate. It meets the requirements for LA education and is certified and accredited.

Does anyone know just how this certificate is viewed by the professional community?

Sep 7, 13 6:36 pm

Anyone else care to chime in please? 

Sep 8, 13 3:32 pm

Just do your not going crazy I read your post but don't have any good input. Good luck

Sep 10, 13 11:00 am

Just do the program you mean? 

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