Architecture & Psycology Reasearch topics

Aug 30 '13 2 Last Comment
Aug 30, 13 10:33 am

Hello everyone,

Im looking for architecture research topics which have to deal with Psycology.

For example Environmental Psycology, Neuroscience of Architecture, etc.

Does anybody knows any similar topics that connect architecture with psycology?

Appreciate your help :)


Aug 30, 13 11:21 am

there have been a number of discussions dealing with essentially hand-eye coordination and how it relates to design in an era with computers/digital technology.

the going theory among some people is that one has to draw with a pencil or pencil-like object on paper or a paper-like object in order to iterate through creative ideas.  when a person works through the same sort of design iteration using a mouse and monitor (or similar devices), they say that either your brain shuts off, or you use a different part of your brain, or something like that.

i disagree with those people; i think the brain is the brain and the tool is the tool, so perhaps one of the people who believe such nonsense could articulate their position better.  anyway, it's a fairly divisive subject around here, and i don't think there has been much research.  people have pointed out ancillary studies, such as those involving typing v. writing, but i don't think those studies were at all related to the creative process.

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