Archicad VS Revit

Aug 24 '13 7 Last Comment
Aug 24, 13 11:06 am

I'm starting to learn a bit of Revit but I am also interested in learning Archicad. I guess these are the two big programs for BIM. It seems like there are more firms using Revit but that does not necessarily mean it is better. I guess I am just looking to hear of any more advanced users thoughts on each of these programs.


Aug 24, 13 2:51 pm

it depends; do you want a job?

Aug 24, 13 4:49 pm

Learn whatever one the firm that hires you is using. If you are unemployed revit is a safer investment.

Mar 12, 15 7:15 am

It's not a bad idea to learn to use both of them. You could start with Revit.

Josh MingsJosh Mings
Mar 12, 15 8:37 am

I learned Revit. There are enough similarities that it helped me with ArchiCAD at my current place. I keep myself up to speed on Revit too.

Mar 12, 15 6:40 pm

I find more residential focused firms use archicad and bigger firms use revit. they are super similar programs so as long as you know one you won't have a problem learning the other. 

Mar 13, 15 6:38 pm


Mar 25, 15 2:21 pm

Seems like Revit is more prevalent with large and more established firms. Haven't seen ArchiCad as much.

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