Help identifying 16mm home movie NYC skyline? film clip.

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Aug 21, 13 7:23 pm

Can anyone help me confirm that this is NYC? And if it is, help me identify any of the buidlings, jetty and/or the location from which it looks like it was shot?

This is a home movie from the 30's. I know that much!

Thank-you. Robert


Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Aug 22, 13 12:08 am


Aug 22, 13 12:36 am

+1 on Chicago.

It's not NYC.  The piers would be shorter and more numerous, and it would be filmed from a narrower river more so than a vast lakefront.

I think the pier is called the Navy Pier and, at about :08 and centered, that would possibly be the Wrigley Building.

Other than NYC, no other American city would have such a robust skyline at that time.

Aug 22, 13 1:47 am

Chicago, for sure. 0:11 in your clip matches up fairly well with 2:34 here -


Comparing the videos, I'd hazard a guess that the one I found elsewhere on youtube was shot from the middle of the pier, closer to the shore, while the one you posted appears to be shot from a boat that just departed from Navy Pier - the horizontal black thing at the beginning.

Aug 22, 13 7:36 am

Yeah I would think the lack of commercial vessels is also a clue it is not NY.

Aug 22, 13 8:37 am

thank-you all for your help, confirming this as Chicago, not NYC. The big building with the 'crown' (mid-frame at 0:08) appears to be 680 N Lakeshore Drive in Chicago. "Built in 1926, it was, at the time, the 'largest building in the world'!" (according to wikipedia).

Aug 22, 13 8:39 am

ps. threadkilla - that's a great little home-movie you linked to.

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