Internship for foreign student in usa

Aug 16 '13 1 Last Comment
Rijan LamichhaneRijan Lamichhane
Aug 16, 13 11:00 am

I am a student of Architecture (third year second part) from Kathmandu Engineering College affiliated to Tribhuwan University Kathmandu ,Nepal. So for my next semester (from November2013 to March2014) which is Practicum semester I want apply for USA. So being a foreign student ,I want to help to boost my career through intern in USA since I am very dedicated and enthusiastic in Architecture. PLEASE, anybody suggest me Some architectural firm.


Aug 17, 13 12:15 pm

pranam bro. apply at big firms like SOM, HOK, Gensler, HDR, NBBJ... seems like the market is picking up in NYC and LA so good luck with your stuff.

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