Architect Firm looking to sublet 4 desks by th 15th of August

Jul 25 '13 10 Last Comment
Jul 25, 13 12:51 pm

We're a small architecture firm looking to sublet four desk spaces to like minded individuals studios who need space.  


Please respond for further details.


Jul 25, 13 2:40 pm

i'm not so sure the door in the 4th picture is readily distinguishable from the adjacent construction and finishes as required by 1008.1 in the 2012 ibc.

also, you don't seem to include what area you're in.  wouldn't that be important if someone were considering this offer?

Jul 25, 13 3:46 pm

I realized that I did not post the city in my initial comment. We are located in TriBeCa NYC, on the corner of Broadway and Chambers street. 

Jul 25, 13 4:17 pm

What is your mind like? Need to know so I can see if mine is similar enough to sit near you.

Jul 25, 13 6:03 pm

I need 8. And reception area and conference room. Too bad.

Jul 25, 13 11:37 pm have not discovered the internet....why all the wasted space for  catalog office works out of a bathroom....and well we have much more to offer...why meet clients in your office when you should be encountering them on site.. so you can get out your "Stanley Max" and impress them with your tape measure skills...and then wing the Digital thing a  and rattle off dimensions....

oh well best of might want to try an interior designer......they  love samples...otherwise...get digital...

boy in a well
Jul 26, 13 1:00 am


ready? ahhem....

Is Stanley Max another Anthony Weiner username?


Thank You.

Good Night!

Jul 26, 13 2:14 am

do I get a good discount as an archinect member?  you have to give us a break .. i hope you've been reading all the depressing threads in here

Jul 26, 13 9:32 am

Wow..who knew that a simple post looking for a sub-letter would elicit such snarky responses.  I must say, I give you all and A for comedic effort, but accesskb, you are entirely correct when it comes to the infinite depressing threads on this site..but no discount!!! 

Donna SinkDonna Sink
Jul 26, 13 10:56 am

This thread makes me miss the Archinect Marketplace or whatever it was called, classified ads for users.  I bought a pair of United Nude shoes and a plastic case for my Phaedon Atlas on it. This post was exactly the type that it was perfect for.

Hang in there tca. 

Jul 26, 13 12:17 pm

Ha, thanks Donna. And just for your kind words, I will include a second pair of united nudes, free,  should you decide to rent a desk.

Hanging in...

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