wall butting into storefront glass detail....

Jul 19 '13 4 Last Comment
Jul 19, 13 4:55 pm

Anyone know of a straightforward way to detail the end condition / intersection of a metal stud wall with 2 hours of gyp. and and existing storefront system at the glass?

Do you have to jog over to a mullion? I"m not even sure that would maintain the 2 hour rating. I'd like to avoid taking on the scope of replacing the glass assembly as it's a tight budget.

We're working on a tenant finish out and the clients agreed upon lease space ends right in the middle of a glass pane among an existing store front window system. They are the first tenant to go into new shell space so there are no existing walls other than the exterior.



Jul 19, 13 5:09 pm

I literally have seen this done. You can build the 2hr wall up to the mullion grille. The wall can land wherever to storefront. This will keep the tenant and LL happy and pass code This is of course ugly solution. 

Find out what the LL will help pay for. They will help pay if can  it boost the appearance of the facade. Better looking building helps boost revenue for them and their clients.

Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Jul 19, 13 7:23 pm

LOL. Mirror the end of the partition.

Jul 20, 13 9:50 am

I always try to tee my walls into a mullion. Be careful (whatever your solution) that the exterior wall does not need a rating too

Jul 20, 13 3:42 pm

You might want to look at this company for a solution.  If you want to match an anodized aluminum wall system it can be painted.

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