Architectural Research

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Jul 7, 13 6:17 pm

What is architectural research? 

I'm going to be a first year student in a B.Arch program and I am really trying to answer this question. Is it looking at new materials, the way cities and buildings are built and evolve?  Or is it examining past architects and drawing connections and better documenting their lives and work? Or is it neither of these?

I'm not trying to be too philosophical here, but I hoped I could gain a more concrete understanding. 

And how do I get involved? Speak with professors about their work and ask if I can help? 

There is a class called "Independent Study in the History of Architecture and Urbanism." What do you think this will comprise?


Thank you.


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Jul 7, 13 7:21 pm

I love young people.

Jul 7, 13 7:44 pm

a good place to start is the big, general picture.  try these:

- general overview of types of research as they relate to and are practiced in architecture:

- some authoritative sources in the profession:

i would not buy the latter two just yet, as they are expensive and the sections on research are very short.  but your school's library will have copies and the short summary sections they offer may give a good, quick overview.

you may also find ideas and areas of interest here:

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