5 July


Robert Venturi, FDR Memorial Park Competition, Washington, D.C., 1960

This project may well have had a subsequent influence on Louis Kahn. Both architects designed entries for this competition, and there are some striking similarities between the two architect's entries (which may well have their origins with the Kahn scheme). It is, however, the large bermmed forms of the Venturi scheme that predate Kahn's use of berms as buildings, e.g., at Islamabad (1965).

"The building for the Council of Islamic Ideology is simplified and has woven into it the Cabinet Building. This building promises, I believe, to be one of the more interesting buildings I have designed." -LK

Was it indeed sometime in 1960 that Venturi and Kahn had a parting of the ways?

Jul 5, 13 12:33 pm

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