how to collect some plans & elevations for veer tower

Jun 18 '13 2 Last Comment
Jun 18, 13 12:16 am

Hi, all,

I am trying to find at least floor plans for veer tower designed by Jahn architect,  but there is no luck so far.  I tried, but couldn't locate it there neither.  Does anyone know where to find?


Jun 18, 13 8:48 pm

Try googling veer tower floor plans.... I just did and came up with many results including an archdaily article about the building with floor plans and sections. 

Jun 19, 13 4:30 am

I did.  Now I have two floor plans to show how Yahn manage to have slopping tower for the condo.  the basic idea is to put supporting area lke bath room around the core area. So no matter how the floor plate get smaller, the unit plan still works.

Since the big idea for the tower is to catch the view, so I think this sacrifice is necessary.

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