Yay, Nay or What?

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Orhan AyyüceOrhan Ayyüce
May 27, 13 5:26 pm

OA ©

What would be your first impression if an architect you want to interview for designing your building have an office door like this? 

A- Yay further proof this architect is great, beautiful door, hired!

B- Nay, he'll fuck me!

C- What!!


May 27, 13 7:40 pm

i think you need to zoom out.  i don't mind the metal skin on a door.  i suppose if i did, it would reflect poorly on those who choose to put metal skin on a door.  i think there is a market for 'industrial chic' if that's what this is going for. 

i can't tell how the door opens for certain.  or how it locks.

boy in a well
May 27, 13 7:40 pm

hey, free dildo!

May 28, 13 7:59 am

Looks to me like the architect is desperate for a hand job.

Let me guess, that's the office of Glory Whole Abstraction Architects.

And that reminds me, apparently Rita Novel used to work at Dora Nob Architects. Get it? One good page turn deserves another!

Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
May 28, 13 8:03 am

Warm and friendly, like a prison. Security chic. 

May 28, 13 8:19 am

Aren't they the architects famous for designing indecent exposures?

Steven WardSteven Ward
May 28, 13 8:49 am

i'm not sure it's a fair - or useful - question, oa. i'm not a fan of a lot of moss' work, but i remember his office being a pretty great cozy nest of activity.

to answer the question, if visiting his office was my only criteria, i'd likely hire him. and then find myself in a challenging relationship in which i wouldn't get what i wanted. 

Donna SinkDonna Sink
May 28, 13 12:17 pm

It's hard to tell with that cropped image.  Do you have more? I tried googling but no luck.

Sarah Hamilton
May 28, 13 1:35 pm

Is that the handle to Thor's hammer?!  How'd that get there?

May 28, 13 1:40 pm

would this be Eric Owen Moss' firm entrance by chance?

Donna SinkDonna Sink
May 28, 13 1:53 pm

LOL Sarah!




May 28, 13 2:32 pm

defidently would not want this door knob to hit ya i tha ass on the way out...

May 28, 13 5:48 pm

Here you go, Donna, from Designboom:

May 28, 13 6:02 pm

do you pull or push that thing?

i think it needs a condom.

May 28, 13 6:10 pm

It's threads like these that make me wish Archinect had a "like" button.

Donna SinkDonna Sink
May 28, 13 9:09 pm

Thanks, jw468! I like it very much in context. But I'll bet most straight men have a moment of mental discomfort when they are confronted with that thing!

chatter of clouds
May 29, 13 4:12 am

would be so much nicer if it had moss all over it...ok, at least vines. i love vines.

and i would have liked the lower panel of the door  to be a different colour/material, texture. the middle part possibly more deeply inset? yes, he divided the surfaces, why not take further advantage of that. 

and then that handle can stick out all it wants. i dont dislike the handle, irrespective of my sexual orientation.  very characterful. you will use a different set of muscles to open this one. 

won and done williams
May 29, 13 8:42 am

Are those security bars over the window? It must be in one sketchy neighborhood. Has a Department of Homeland Security vibe going on.

Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
May 29, 13 8:45 am

Even more pompous and incongruous in context.

25 characters in length
May 29, 13 2:33 pm

I can see the headlines now:


In a surprise twist guilty-pleaing architect says, "I believe in the power of architecture. I know it can make the world a better place." Plunge-taking husband cracks, now institutionalized, infinitly repeating, "All I really wanted was to hold my own."

will gallowaywill galloway
May 29, 13 9:10 pm

but then, Miles, so are you  ;-)

its just a door.  very small thing. not so important in the scheme of things.  i like it as design, though it looks slightly difficult to use.  good communication to clients i suppose. 

Sarah Hamilton
May 29, 13 9:43 pm

...If that communication is "yank my wang!" Now that I know it's a swing door, and not a slide one, it seems a bit awkward.

May 29, 13 10:11 pm

I'm sure it's really just the architect saying, "I'm happy to see you."

May 29, 13 11:19 pm

the door seems very heavy and I bet the straight door handle isn't going to help the user for easy access going in and out of the building. Creative but not practical, I suppose.

chatter of clouds
May 30, 13 1:03 am

ok ok, so we understand the door has a severe case of priapism.

its a door KNOB, what do you expect!

so we already know its going to be a case of who closing whom!

and we appreciate the different dimension added to "please, come in".

and we know you are wondering whether the handle is carved from morning wood.

"well, isn't polite of you to pre-come"

bring it on! or in! whatever



May 31, 13 3:55 pm

I would assume he's been institutionalized or really digs institutional architecture. 

Satirical view of the postal service?  OR, there is a mass grave behind that building.  I think I'm more impressed by the 7 series out front

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