Can anyone identify these chairs?

May 24 '13 3 Last Comment
May 24, 13 9:30 am

I haven't been successful in coming up with a match for these chairs. Hope someone can ID them with a designer & date.

They are old, danish mid century stacking chairs. The molded ply is 1'2" thick, with "anatomically" molded seat and concave back which wraps around the sitter somewhat. There isn't a flat surface to be found, just fluid curves. Made in Denmark stamped on the familiar looking housing for the legs. Nice teak veneers & very strong comfortable chair.

With thanks


May 24, 13 10:44 am

Looks like Arne Jacobsen chairs, but so many replicas out there though! Try that....

May 24, 13 10:55 am

It looks close to the Series 7 chair by Jacobsen, but it's not quite.

May 24, 13 4:10 pm

thanks, not Jacobsen. Almost a hybrid of a Jacobsen & Cherner, but with the molded seat which I haven't seen...

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