What's your preferred architecture blog?

May 21 '13 6 Last Comment
May 21, 13 5:22 pm

Archdaily posts a lot of crap, and dezeen seems to be devolving into a showcase for ugly, severe-looking fashion.  Any recommendations for something better curated?  My favorite print magazine for architecture is Mark, for what it's worth.


Hike Martirosyan
May 22, 13 5:44 pm English/Italian. One of the best arch resources. There are many nice projects you'll not see anywhere.

May 22, 13 8:08 pm

I'm a fan of designboom.

May 22, 13 8:14 pm

dun got time for none of this.. i build real architecture

Oct 21, 13 9:43 am is a really cool one. its not just architecture but some times other design stuff.

Oct 21, 13 10:02 am

Here is a good one that I visited frequently a while back, it helped me get comfortable in the shoes of an intern when I first got my job. Its not a cool picture/design blog, but a discussion on the profession in the context of interns.

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