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May 17, 13 10:49 pm


First of all, I 'd like to say that I'm really impressed with the amount of informations we can find here. It has been really useful to me.

Well anyway... I've been searching for some postgraduations courses and a I'd like to know if anyone have any information about Glasgow University, Newcastle and the AAlto University. Is there anyone who actually studied in these universities?

I got really interested about the wood program of the AAlto University. Is it actually everything they demonstrate on website?

Thank you very much!!!


May 28, 13 10:27 am

Not even one?

Architect with a suitcase
Aug 8, 13 11:47 am

They are all good schools.  Glasgow University architecture courses falls under the Mackintosh School of Architecture at the Glasgow School of Art so you need to check their website. (GSA)

The best thing is to go and visit the schools, talk to the staff and look at their  on line exhibitions.  What are you really interested in? Are you talking about Post Part 1 or Post Part 2 qualifications?  Each university has different strengths in PG research.

Dec 5, 13 9:50 am


Thank you for answering my questions.

Weel. Talking about Glasgow University and Newcastle.

They were my first options because it  would be easier to me to get into. I have already got really good recommendations from teacher I know. However,I do not know how good these universities are. Of course it depends on the courses I am interested. The question is, does it worth to study there? Besides the famous name of the school, is there actually a good school behind it? Or... Is there any other school that maybe can offer more, without having to spend this amount of money?

About AAlto University.

As I had said, I am more interested about the wood program of the school. It really got my attention. The informations on the website are quite clear but I wanted to know more informations from real students who have actually already studied there, or from someone who can tell me if everything that is shown on the website is actually true.

Thank you!

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