Count your Blessings. Building Related Illnesses are the worst

May 17 '13 4 Last Comment
May 17, 13 1:43 pm

We just finished an article on the matter and wanted to share this video (below) with you re: a wombman who has a reaction to common chemicals found in most households. 

Imagine having to deal with that ALL the time? We know architects, interns, drafters, etc. spend many hours sitting down under the ever-present fluorescent sun. 

Any of you ever had any Building Related symptoms or illnesses? 

Chemical Sensitivity and Injury: Interview with Dr. Grace Ziem - Pt. 1 | Video Credit: Pdrew001

Save Western
May 17, 13 6:58 pm

You mean apart from slow computer related injuries from sitting down, using one finger, and staring at a light bulb 18" from my face for most of the waking hours?

May 17, 13 7:18 pm

No.. I will not spend the next 50 years of my life sitting down and staring at a computer screen, getting paid barely enough to survive!  I quit!

Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
May 17, 13 10:05 pm

The practice of architecture is a building related illnesses.

boy in a well
May 18, 13 1:20 am
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