Integrating Architecture, Biology, Materials

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Brendan LeadbeaterBrendan Leadbeater
May 7, 13 3:41 pm

I find the integration between biology and architecture to be highly interesting and I was wondering if there are any PhD or Masters programs that heavily explore this integration.  I currently hold a 5 Year accredited B.Arch degree and I am studying for the BS section of the ARE's.  While the professional and licensing aspect of architecture is important, I am finding myself more interested in researching and integrating the latest scientific discoveries and breakthroughs into architecture, creating a more integrative relationship between building and nature (synthetic). 


What do you guys think?


Aug 20, 13 12:34 pm

Brendan I'm with you. I too am having a hard time finding archi schools in the USA  that are considering biology or protocells. I do believe this is a result of a rigid NCARB and NAAB standards. In the states it seems we'll have to study biological systems as a complete different field.

I know that Rachel Armstrong is sort of the leader in  protocell architecture ( and she does this all in England. As well it seems other countries like German are on board but...yeah nothing so far that I've found in the states. 



Erik Evens (EKE)
Aug 20, 13 8:50 pm

I recommend reading anything by Nikos Salingaros and Michael Mehaffey.  Here's a link to some of their essays at Metropolis:

Aug 24, 13 2:19 pm

check out labstudio and the things they teach (jenny sabin and peter lloyd jones). i think they're at cornell now, used to be at penn.

also carnegie mellon has a program that integrates studies of biology and physiology with design and art; i'm unsure though how much of an architecture choice there is.

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