I'm looking a room to rent in Rotterdam

May 5 '13 1 Last Comment
May 5, 13 2:17 pm

Hey guys,

I am an italian artist who's going to live in rotterdam for three months, I am starting my internship at Atelier Van Lieshout in Rotterdam in June 2013 and I will do it for three months.
I'm 38 years old and I come from Rome.
I'm  actually looking for a furnished room to rent in Rotterdam, in a flat shared with others people
I would prefer the flat to be near Delfshaven's neighborhood or in Shiedam , but it's ok anywhere as long as it is near the center of Rotterdam.
Anyone who has one room to rent, contact me to e-mail.
Thanking in advance!!!

Morgan Maggiolini


May 5, 13 5:35 pm

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