Is this M.Arch a "first professional degree"?

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May 4, 13 8:37 am

Hi all,

From New York State Architecture License Requirement: First professional degree from a program accredited by the NAAB can have a maximum 9 credit.

I have a five-year B.Arch from a university outside America and a 2-yr M.Arch degree from a US university. This 2-yr degree is accredited by the NAAB. I was wondering is my M.arch degree qualified for this 9 credit?

Thank you.


May 4, 13 10:42 am

what school?

May 5, 13 5:10 am

In my understanding, M.Arch I are often "first professional" and M.Arch II are "post professional"

May 5, 13 8:06 am

go to your university web site or to the admin staff - they are the only ones who can answer your question.

May 5, 13 7:46 pm

The information provided by the OP is so unclear and convoluted that no one can help out.  Like TED said, he has to talk to his prospective school ... and someone at the school who knows their ass from a hole in the ground.  Sometimes, some people in universities are so removed from reality, that they don't even know the educational requirements for licensure.

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