is Alexander Walter actually Archinect Paul????

Mar 11 '08 20 Last Comment
Mar 11, 08 12:39 pm



Orhan AyyüceOrhan Ayyüce
Mar 11, 08 1:12 pm

they say aw is a western leg of an eastern reconnaissance ring. a legend from north of danube, last great artist of bauhaus. each time there is santa ana winds, he comes out with a new concept to go with his music.
i can't say no more...

Mar 11, 08 1:17 pm

or is Geoff Manaugh actually Archinect Paul?

The Series kick-off this year, on March 19, will begin with the Preservation Maryland Lecture in honor of Michael F. Trostel, FAIA. Geoff Manaugh, the senior editor of Dwell magazine, founder and editor of Archinect: The online resource for Architects, and the creator of award-winning BLDG BLOG,...

Mar 11, 08 2:01 pm

I have been to Archinect HQ twice looking for "Archinect Paul" and each time I've gone, I have only found Alexander Walter. I am beginning to wonder if Paul exists or if he is just a fabrication of some very creative SCI-Arc alum with an elaborate story and some pictures of a very beautiful little girl on Facebook.

....or perhaps *I* do not exist. How can one ever be sure?


David CuthbertDavid Cuthbert
Mar 11, 08 2:06 pm

Naw I am more likely to believe mdler is Paul

Mar 11, 08 2:13 pm
Mar 11, 08 4:04 pm

hi mdler!

vado retro
Mar 11, 08 4:49 pm

paul is dead, mdler is the walrus...

Mar 11, 08 4:57 pm
Alexander WalterAlexander Walter
Mar 11, 08 6:13 pm

Alexander who?

Alexander WalterAlexander Walter
Mar 12, 08 12:36 pm

mdler, I can read your thoughts.

liberty bell
Mar 12, 08 12:37 pm


That image actually scared me a little.

Apr 21, 08 6:31 pm


AND he was in the same room with Alexander Walter. And they are definitely not the same person, nor is his head big, floating, and/or green (although I still think that is fun to say).

NOW, all I have left to meet are architechnophilia, treekiller, Orhan, beta, nam, Sarah, +i, aml, Pixelwhore, rfuller, etc., etc., etc.......

Crap, there's a lot of you I have to meet still. Which is why I support an....



Alexander WalterAlexander Walter
Apr 21, 08 6:34 pm

So I am not Archinect Paul after all? Dang.

Apr 21, 08 6:43 pm


tell me more!

Apr 21, 08 6:50 pm

He's 10' tall, has blue hair, and a big nose ring.....and if you close your eyes, he sounds a little bit like garpike....

(that last part is kinda true)

Apr 21, 08 9:14 pm

Can it be this fall in LA maybe?

brian buchalski
Apr 21, 08 9:27 pm


Apr 21, 08 10:04 pm

I could be down with that.

Alexander WalterAlexander Walter
Apr 21, 08 10:06 pm

Me, too.

Christopher Fadden
Apr 21, 08 11:32 pm

and me threeee

saw paul, saw alexander, saw it all `damn bright blown light!

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