Detail images of the Neue Nationalgalerie

May 2 '13 3 Last Comment
May 2, 13 12:27 pm

I'm currently modeling Mies' masterpiece for a history class. I'm looking for detail images of  any part of the museum, but specifically the roof, columns and their base condition (how they meet the granite tiles). A Google image search doesn't turn up too many results.  If any of you have some of these type images in your own personal gallery and willing to email them to me, I would appreciate it dearly!

I appreciate any help!


May 2, 13 12:42 pm

I too would like to see drawings.

May 2, 13 12:45 pm

I found some detail drawings in a book, but still, some conditions are unclear.

thomas carlsonthomas carlson
Sep 2, 13 7:36 am

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