How to get into Princeton.

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Apr 29, 13 3:26 pm

I'm aware that it's nearly impossible, but some people manage to do it.

So how?

What exactly are they looking for in an applicant? 

What types of students/portfolios are admitted? Or is there even a 'type'?

I've combed through countless threads and viewed all of the accepted portfolios I could find. The majority seem to come off as very academic/theory based and portfolios sees to be heavy on diagrams and text, and less so on 'design' 

I know these are vast generalizations, but I'm wondering if any of you (who may be better informed) could comment on their accuracy or lack thereof?

I'm coming from an industrial design background (furniture) and trying to figure out how to present myself and my work for next year. I can't help but feel that I'm not exactly their type based on what I've seen so far.


Apr 29, 13 3:30 pm

Q:  How would I get into Princeton?

A:  In my dreams.

Seriously, not my cup of tea, but I would imagine that a venerated undergraduate school, an undergraduate major they consider intellectual, and a slick portfolio, none of which I had, would do the trick.  Good luck.

Apr 29, 13 4:23 pm

If you have to ask, you ain't going to make it.  Those who do, don't spend time browsing forums, obsessing over HOW to get in.

Apr 29, 13 5:22 pm

@accesskb –

There's a difference between research and frivolous obsession.

Apr 29, 13 5:30 pm



Apr 29, 13 6:11 pm

Can you please point us to any accepted portfolios visible online.

boy in a well
Apr 30, 13 12:41 am

be smart and be an individual.

harvard's for the ass kissers and conformists.

yale sounds cool though.

Apr 30, 13 7:25 am

@spike cyclone

ass kissers and conformists? Someone's got a chip on his shoulder...

boy in a well
Apr 30, 13 8:05 am

naw, I keep my chips in a bag for snacking. No dirt on these shoulders baby.

Nice try though.

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