27 April

Apr 27 '13 0
Apr 27, 13 11:06 pm

nimiety: the redundancy of suburban sprawl versus the redundancy of "new urbanism".
paradigm: theory of physiologically reenacting architectures.
vapor: not there (but in the future) ideas?; bombastic architectural writing; a place for auto translations of bombastic texts. 



Any view of Earth from Mars is at least 10 minutes after the fact since it takes light 10 minutes to travel the distance between Earth and Mars. Whenever we on Earth look at the night sky, we essentially see a quondam existance.

As far as the state of drawing in education, the main issue remains dexterity. Of course, if drawing by talking becomes a reality, then the main issue will be the gift of gab.

"Sorry, but I can't talk with you right now. I'm busy drawing the plans of my new house on the other line."


I sneezed a couple times.


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