Leadership on women in architecture in schools?

Apr 27 '13 1 Last Comment
Apr 27, 13 3:43 pm

I'm writing a story about the broader questions for the profession raised by the Denise Scott Brown/Pritzker petition. I am wondering if there are any deans or architecture department chairs that have been tackling this issue all along? It's been noted that now there are quite a number of female deans -- not that they are the only ones who can or should discuss roles for women.

Would love to hear about any discussion in schools.


Apr 29, 13 12:48 pm

I recall a former chair at my alma mater discussing with our studio at length about the increasing role of women in the profession.  She noted the recent history of diversification (both racial and gender) and the role she and other female faculty/deans/chairs played in recruiting female faculty and students.  With the school's graduate student body being predominantly female, the result was pretty evident.  The influence of this conversation was  also evident in the dialogue among all faculty there, so I'd say the topic was fairly present.

During an internship I do recall that the female principal at the office I was at mentioned that she felt compelled to hire women, even though in her experience many of them would have families and leave her practice for less intense work environments.

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