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Apr 10, 13 7:31 pm

There is hardly any information floating around about Clemson's regular architecture program. Does anyone have any information or opinions on it?


Apr 12, 13 1:16 pm

I plan to go to clemson too,, as a PhD student. Do you have any reason  why you plan to go to clemson in the first place? 

Apr 12, 13 2:21 pm

I'm interested in people's thoughts about the architecture + health program. I'm between there and another school.....big decisions to make this weekend..

Apr 12, 13 2:41 pm

Same. The lack of diversity is what's really bothering me. Not just cultural but otherwise. 

Apr 12, 13 2:42 pm

@philtecturerophy yes. I like the architecture+health option and they seem to be much more practical than many other schools I've been to. Right now...that's a good thing. The cost is also nearly too good to pass up. 

Apr 12, 13 3:05 pm

Does Clemson have a military academy history, either now or in its distant past?  Worked with a Clemson grad.  He was ex-military.  Always curious about the school's legacy.

Apr 15, 13 2:34 pm

 @observant Yes, I believe it was a military school originally. 

Apr 15, 13 5:05 pm

Yes Clemson was an agriculture and military land grant university originally. When you say regular program are you referring to the undergraduate or graduate program? If you're referring to the grad program I wouldn't worry about diversity being an issue. You will have the option of studying abroad in Charleston, and Genoa/Barcelona (possibly). Therefor you will spend only 1 year in Clemson. The professors are great and the school is great, and the price is aaaaaamazing. The only issue is name recognition if your goal is to end up in LA or NYC. You just won't have the contacts that you would have if you went to Penn, Columbia, Parsons, Pratt etc etc. But this should be pretty obvious.

Apr 16, 13 10:33 am

Thanks a lot @heavymetalarchitecture That really made me look into it some more. By regular I meant the non-arch+health concentration. That's the one that seems to get the most shine :)

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