Post-Professional Degree @ UPENN 2013-2014

Apr 9 '13 0
Apr 9, 13 9:41 pm

People from all over the world, hello!

I will be attending this fall's PPD program at UPENN and I would like us to get to know each other before we meet in Philadelphia. Let's discuss the program, the university and the city. What are your expectations?

Personally, I had the opportunity to attend the Open House on Monday. I really liked the gradual evolution in the work process between M.Arch I and II as well as the interaction between the various programs (Landscape/Urban/Environmental Arch.). The PPD is quite intensive and results in the production of quite a lot of work. I believe many of us will have the opportunity to dabble in many new techniques and methodologies that will help us evolve.

Also, the environment of the school was quite nice. We get to have the best working spaces, among all the departments!  

Best of all though, in my opinion, was the international approach of the subjects, as many of you might have already seen in past publications, as well as the changes that come this year due to the new Chair of the department.


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