Pratt vs Virginia Tech B.Arch

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Apr 2, 13 5:32 pm

Hello! This is my first post on Archinect and I am a senior in high school in the process of choosing a school to pursue an undergraduate Bachelor of Architecture.
I have heard back from all of my schools and have been accepted to Carnegie Mellon, Virginia Tech, Pratt, NJIT, Penn State, and Tulane (woo hoo!)

I have ruled out all of them except for Pratt, V Tech, (and possibly CMU).

I have visited Pratt recently and was absolutely amazed by its school of architecture. I found its intensity and vibrant community to be very appealing and despite being an art school I found the program to be pretty well rounded. I also received a scholarship that would make make the cost of attendance essentially the same as V Tech.

I am on route to visit Virginia Tech this week and I have heard nothing but good things about the program from practicing architects. I have also been impressed by the study abroad options that the school offers.

I am more partial to the city (its NYC baby!) environment but I would love to hear from recent V Tech and Pratt grads about their experiences in school and the challenges (or eases hopefully) they have encountered in pursuing careers post graduation. 

P.S I also work as a freelance photographer so I am torn whether V Tech's D1 sports or NYC will provide me more opportunities to make some money to help pay for my expenses. Feel free to view my work at


Apr 3, 13 9:42 am


Apr 3, 13 7:24 pm

jock or hipster ... literally cause undergraduate degrees deal mostly with teaching how to do rather than researching. So you can't go wrong either way since they both are great schools. 


It boils down literally to what kind of lifestyle do you envision.. since pratt is urban and nyc and you literally have the whole of city as a playground to yourself vs virginia suburban , college sports frats and the typical college experience. 

Choice is yours 

Miles JaffeMiles Jaffe
Apr 3, 13 7:45 pm

My daughter got a portfolio review at Pratt. It was done by a 2010 Pratt architecture grad working in admissions.

Apr 3, 13 7:56 pm

@miles jaffe... Awww, I remember when Pratt reviewed my artwork when I was a senior in high school. I attended an art school in San Francisco, so I showed them my 3'x5' acrylic and oil paintings! Such great memories!! I was so excited when they gave me a full scholarship to attend their school! Congrats to your daughter, she should be very proud! 

@mmax.... if you see yourself as an urban architect working in NYC after you graduate, you should choose Pratt. 

Apr 28, 13 9:13 am

Hey guys! I've decided on Pratt and couldn't be any happier. I found the urban environment more my speed and the job network so much better in the city. 

Apr 30, 13 10:36 am

Ha. I just ruled out Pratt. I wasn't impressed by the faculty, the premises but especially the cost (they have me a 17k merit scholarship + 5k aid, still 20k a year) outrageous.

Everyone has got their place.

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