anyone going to both Yale and GSD's open house?

Mar 24 '13 2 Last Comment
Mar 24, 13 3:56 am


I'm wondering if anyone else is going to both Yale and GSD's open house and driving from new haven to boston thursday (april 4th) night since GSD's open house is the next day? If you have an available seat in your car, I would really appreciate a ride and I'm willing to pay you!!! 




James PettyJames Petty
Mar 24, 13 9:20 pm

you're going to want to spend the night in new haven. after Thursday lectures, we have martinis in the gallery. then its off to GPSCY for free beer. 

Mar 24, 13 9:31 pm

That sounds awesome. I actually don't mind spending the night either in New Haven or Boston. However, even if I stay the night in New Heaven, I'd have to somehow get to GSD the next morning before the start of the GSD Open House at 9 am, which is difficult by public transportation. That's why I'm wondering if I could possibly find a ride here.

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