What about.. San Francisco?

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Mar 17, 13 5:53 pm


I'm an architect currently working in Paris. I'm living here for two years now, but at the moment my plan is to move to San Fran.

How's the market there for architects trying to find a job? Are there oportunities?

I'm European so I have the problem of getting the Visa. Do you think it could work sending my applications and  look for a job from here, or is it higly recommended to look "in situ"?

Also, how is it working in an American studio? Which kind of computer programs you use to work, and to what you give most value? (3d, 2d, models, etc)

I still have no idea of what I'm getting in to, my plan is to move only in September/October, so any information would be very useful!

Thank you for your answers!!


Mar 17, 13 6:13 pm

Here in SF, things are picking up - Do you know Revit, Rhino, Grasshopper, and 3DSMAX. Most of the medium and big  offices here require proficiency in all of these programs.  San Francisco is also quasi European type city Manhattan/Londond/Madrid/Whatever you will have no trouble fitting in.

Mar 18, 13 3:58 am

see my latest post. it's amazing!

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