Columbia MArch 1 or MSRED

Mar 15 '13 3 Last Comment
Mar 15, 13 6:22 pm

Anyone on here get into Columbia's MArch 1 or MSRED?

Can you post your portfolios and background info?

Other MSREDs welcome too! 


Mar 18, 13 7:19 pm

Yo I got into Columbia's M.arch I ! and im considering doing their MSRED.

but im heavily torn between USC vs Columbia right now.

GSAPp didn't give me any money and it's more expensive to attend!

but spakle - in the other thread what is your email so we can chat privately 

Mar 19, 13 6:56 pm

haha. batman. i dont know what's the best way to share my info. hesitant to put dat stuff out there for this entire community to see?

any ideas?

Mar 19, 13 7:16 pm

hey spackle 

contact me at

and we'll go from there! thanks

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