How do people find housing near Columbia??

Mar 14 '13 11 Last Comment
Mar 14, 13 7:28 pm

Hello everyone, like the topic says, does anyone know how to find on-campus or off-campus housin close to Columbia? It's said that on-campus housing is very hard to apply for graduate students, it that true? I've accepted the offer from GSAPP and I'm worrying about the housing issue....                                                                                                                                                         


Mar 16, 13 8:35 pm

same here i'm moving from California and have no idea where to turn.

I've applied for campus housing but i'm not going to place all my cards on it.....

Mar 16, 13 8:40 pm

Its simple. Unless you've got a financial means, its very difficult to find footing here in NYC.

You're competing for meager housing with non-Americans coming from India, Europe and Asia who have the dough to just come here on a dime and work cheaply because "its my dream to live and work in NY as an architect".

Better open up your checkbook nice and wide. 

Mar 16, 13 8:46 pm

Go on Craigslist, find an open room in an already established apartment with (probably) fellow students as roommates.  NYC is expensive but as long as you're not trying to stay in your own studio in some swanky neighborhood, you'll be fine.

Apr 15, 13 5:37 pm

According to GSAPP, they will start the housing application lottery tomorrow.

Apr 15, 13 5:39 pm

like any big city, time to start checking craigslist

Apr 15, 13 6:20 pm

hmm...current graduate students told me that a majority of them received campus owned housing

Apr 16, 13 10:49 am

They live in Harlem. Plenty of Housing there. Unless you're scared :-)

Apr 16, 13 12:27 pm

that's odd.. many of them told me they lived in morningside heights.

David ColeDavid Cole
Apr 16, 13 6:08 pm

According to some NYC real estate brokers, "Morningside Heights" extends as far north as the George Washington Bridge.

Apr 16, 13 6:45 pm

interesting. hopefully i'll have housing that is within walking distance.

Apr 19, 13 6:24 pm

according to GSAPP's email, i received campus housing! but i don't know the details yet :-/ i pray it is NOT a dorm..

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