How to convert pdf to flip book for mobile devices?

Feb 28 '13 9 Last Comment
Feb 28, 13 2:09 am

I have some PDF files. Now, I want to read them on my iPhone as flip page book.

How can I convert these PDF files to flip book for my phone?

I know kvisoft flip book maker can help me. Have anyone used it? How about it?



Mar 4, 13 8:31 pm

You can see this tutorials

I'm using this tool. The most convenient is if you have problems when use kvisoft flip book tool, you can contact them. They will help you.

Mar 4, 13 9:58 pm

Does kvisoft make anything without spam?  I don't like spam.

Mar 4, 13 10:28 pm

No phones!

Mail hand-written notes via a postal clerk on horse!


progress is not what it seems!

Mar 5, 13 12:21 pm

Why does it need to be a flipbook/converted to a flipbook format?

Can your phone not read PDFs???

You can upload it to issuu and view it from your phone in a browser as well.

May 16, 13 4:47 am

Hi, you can try the pdf converting program, although it is paid, its free pdf converting trial version is open to everyone.

Sep 10, 13 4:59 am
Mar 12, 14 3:14 am


    Are you looking for converting PDF File to Flash flip book for mobile devices??FlipBook Maker software will provide you the best result for this purpose..I am suggesting you this software from my personal experience as it easily converted my pdf file to flipbook at the time when i needed in just few clicks...

Mar 31, 14 6:19 am


I have used flipb,flipbook software. It is  viewable on smart phones and tablets, interactive features, rich media, unlimited links.Try free 30 days trial version.

Apr 30, 14 1:45 am

pdf to flash converter try on this software. PDF to flip book maker and e-magazine creator.

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