Theoretical critique on rendering in today's architecture

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Feb 24, 13 11:47 am


I am doing a work for my Master subject at TU Delft about rendering and role of computer generated images for contemporary architecture. I would like to ask you guys for any reference on that subject. I remember stumbling on a few forum post with similar topics.

I have already got a CLOG issue on rendering, which should be a good start.

If you have any other references / thoughts on that subject, please share it here.

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Feb 24, 13 4:21 pm

i don't know if you're familiar with,

but they most likely do many of the renderings you're thinking of,

and remember to populate, populate, populate!

Feb 24, 13 7:15 pm

need the 'lens flare' for atmosphere!

Feb 24, 13 11:21 pm

the role of renderings is to sell your design to a client or win competitions. yes, renderings have gotten more atmospheric and idyllic recently. what more can you say about this subject?

i haven't read the CLOG issue. Is it any good? as you can tell i'm skeptical about the depth of this topic.

Feb 24, 13 11:59 pm

Have a look at Waleed Karajah's work updates here on Archinect. They're pervasive. Can't miss them. 

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