Practicing Architect Seeking Opportunities (Study or Work or ...) Abroad

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Anant TopiwalaAnant Topiwala
Feb 21, 13 4:52 pm

Thanks for reading my post... I'm a practicing Texas-Registered Architect living and working in Vancouver, BC, and have been contemplating the idea of studying abroad or working abroad or just getting an interesting architectural experience abroad.  I've tried searching for programs online, but I'm not finding what I'm looking for.  I don't necessarily want a post-graduate degree, rather an interesting design and learning experience that doesn't break the bank and is more than a vacation.  Potential places I would like to go are:  Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, India, Barcelona, Athens, Madrid.  English is my language of choice, although I am taking more Spanish lessons this year and I speak Gujarati (a dialect of Hindi) which would help in India.  I would like to go from 6 months to a year with the potential of settling in the country that I am visiting.  Does anyone have any advice or links to information for practicing Architects who are looking for the kind of experience I described?  


Feb 21, 13 6:34 pm

Good Luck Dude....Chase that it can never get away!

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