Student Portfolio for summer job. INSIGHTS GREATLY APPRECIATED

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Feb 20, 13 10:54 am


I am currently in my second year of architecture and am looking to get a job with a firm this summer. I was wondering whether I could receive some feedback regarding my portfolio. 

Here is the link:  

Any insights/criticisms are extremely appreciated and welcomed. 




Feb 20, 13 11:15 am

Looks good.  My only crit would be that the first project is of the rem house.  You should put your best work in the front and back....put this project in the middle. Great house, and nice model, but your own work should be the focus of your portfolio.  Case studies can be in the middle somewhere. remember that people tend to remember the first and last things they see and read. 

Feb 20, 13 11:13 pm

great, changed it, thanks!

Feb 23, 13 11:14 am

The projects look really nice and well presented.

Only one note: 78 pages is maybe too long for a job application portfolio. People you are sending your portfolio to are already too busy with their duties, so don't add more load to them or you may probably elicit negative impression. On the other hand, office mail systems often have limit on email size, which usually vary from 2mb to 10mb. With 78 pages, you can hardly compress your file to this size without compromizing images quality.

So, in my view, 45-50 pages is better.

Again, your projects are so beautiful!

Josh MingsJosh Mings
Feb 23, 13 8:50 pm

45-50 is still too long. I've found 20-25 is the best bet. Any longer and people stop looking at it. 

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