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Feb 19, 13 7:22 pm

Hi guys, I've gathered some information from many different construction and development forums and just was wondering what are your thoughts on these true or false questions ... 1. Architects are expensive, people are better of going to a draftman. 2. Architects complain about how little they get paid no matter how much they get paid. 3. Architects don't complain about how much they get paid because they don't do it for the money.  4. Most of architects liabilities are on consultants.  5. Architects are encouraged to not use words such and "recommend or advise" because their professional indemnity insurer discourage architects to use such words.  6. Architects should make an effort to find out the materials and finishes instead of the short cut of saying "to match existing" on their specification and drawings.  7. Architects should only provide design services as this is what they are good at and trained to do, and should leave all the technical documentation for the drafting companies as they have a better knowledge of construction. 


Noah Walker
Feb 19, 13 7:29 pm


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Feb 20, 13 2:14 am


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