European m.arch recommendations?

Feb 19 '13 4 Last Comment
Feb 19, 13 3:23 pm

Hello, I know it's late Februray but I'm still looking to apply to master programmes in Europe that still take admissions. I would appreciate any recommendations of quality programs or opinions/experiences of the following : Alto Helsinki, Oslo School of Architecture, TU Delft, die Angewandte in Vienna, IAAC Bareclona.

Also, are there good schools in the UK except the AA? And what about unis in Germany?

Ideally I would like to choose a more engineering oriented school like Delft.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!


James PettyJames Petty
Feb 19, 13 3:43 pm

UCL Bartlett in London

TU München


Feb 19, 13 7:58 pm

forget Angewandte if you're interested in an engineering focused school... Angewandte is highly experimental and speculative, like Sci-Arc i'd say

Feb 20, 13 8:12 am

Architecture Association (AA)- London

Jun 13, 13 3:58 am

iaac is the best school in europe in terms of parametric architecture and innovative design.

dont go to delft unless you want a traditional technical education without thinking outside of the box.

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